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AB Nybrogrus is family owned company. Since 1958 we have produced Granite aggregate for the road- and concrete industry in Southeast of Sweden. During the last few years we have also delivered to different clients in Balticum. We have today a staff of approximately 35 employees, and a turn over of SEK 150 millions per year.


The company was founded 1958 by Mr Kenneth Johansson and Mr Ingvar Olsson. The first quarry was situated on Mr Ingvar Olsson´s family property just outside the town of Nybro. The material from this quarry was natural gravel and was quarried until 1972. Then the operation was moved to the quarry Igersdela in the municipality of Kalmar. The quarried material was mainly sold to different building sites and concrete stations. In the middle of the 70's we started to deliver to asphalt plants and to meet the new demands from society, the existing crushing plants was extended. In 1995 the company opened up a new quarry in Brånahult outside of Nybro, and then 1998 the activities were growing and the quarry in Runtorp was incorporated in the business. The latest quarry incorporated in our business, April 2005, is the quarry in Flivik. The Flivik quarry is unique with its own port to the Baltic Sea and suits the purpose to export to the Baltic countries like Poland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Germany & Finland. Since the beginning of the 90´s, the three sons of Mr Kenneth Johansson, Jonas, Mårten and Stefan are running the business.


For time being we have activities in four quarries - Brånahult, Igersdela, Runtorp and Flivik. Brånahult is a quarry with very high quality of porphyry, called Smålandsporphyry. The material can with advantage be used in surface paving. In the Igersdela quarry we are quarrying natural gravel which is processed on site in permanent crushing- and sortingplants. The material is mainly used for concrete manufacturing on the local market. In the Runtorp quarry we have medium grained greyish Granite suitable for roads and asphalt manufacturing. Even here we have a permanent crushing plant processing the material. We also have our head office and work shops in Runtorp. In the Flivik quarry there is also a medium grained greyish Granite similar to material in Runtorp quarry, with the same field of application. The advantage with the Flivik quarry is our on port to the Baltic Sea. The distance between the quarry and the port is 1,8 km. To load vessels /ships we have a feeder in the quarry that feed two conveyors with a total length of 1,7 km. It transports the material to the port and is loaded on the ships via a teleskopic ship loader. The distance from the port to open sea is about 10 Nm with max depth of free water way. In the port it is 6,0 m at normal sea level. To facilitate transport of material and loading of ships we have installed a conveyor belt from the quarry to the port.


Our products shall always be kept on a high quality level. To fulfil this demand we have a Product Certification through the Betong-and Ballast Certifiering AB and our products are also CE-certified according to EU regulations for aggregates. All our staff are continuously educated in different trade branch-adopted educations for material quality. We are an approved  supplier of rail road macadam to the Swedish Rail Road Department. We also deliver material to different projects with a high demand of quality s.a. the restoration of the bridge from mainland to the island of Öland.


During the last years we have been involved in other large projects such as construction of new E 22 South of Kalmar, we delivered about 500 000 tons of road material. We have also delivered rocks for brake water structures and on a continuous base we are supplying different concrete stations in the South part of Sweden with aggregates.
We supplied Yeoman in Poland with about 200 000 tons of waterbuilding stones in size 600/800kg's and 3800/4000 kg's. 

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Loading our own trucks

Loading macadam in port Flivik

Loading macadam in port of Kalmar

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